Your Social Media Needs Quality Time from you to Grow

5 09 2011

If your business is going to engage in social media as a marketing tool, you need to be sure you’re using it correctly. Many businesses are under the impression that they can manage their social media marketing on a part-time basis, but strategically managing your business’ online presence takes a full-time commitment. If you’re going to jump into the social media pool, you need to be ready and willing to dedicate the time and effort into it.

That being said, your business really does need to engage in social media. Social media marketing is such a powerful tool for your business. A study found that 58 percent of all consumers with access to the internet research a company’s product or service online before giving them their patronage. And while you may think those consumers are going directly to the company’s main website, they’re not. They’re visiting third party sites like Facebook and Yelp to look for relevant information and reviews about businesses and their products or services. It’s social media that’s making up the minds of consumers everywhere. It’s this new brand of word-of-mouth advertising that’s making or breaking businesses all over. Positive online reviews can do wonders for a business. Likewise, negative online content can be detrimental.

This makes being actively involved across social channels more important than ever as it gives your business an opportunity to effectively write your own reputation. It’s what you say in your social media marketing that’s so important and builds your brand in that space. Be sure your content strategy is built to reach a specific target market and monitor the buzz about your business and your conversations in the social media marketing space you’ve built. Look at social media as a continuous flow of viable information from clients and consumers. Really engage them and take their feedback seriously. This will open up opportunities to improve your products or services and maybe even give you ideas for creating something new to offer. In doing this, you can be sure you’re getting the most benefit from your social media marketing.




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