It Really is What You Say (and to Whom, Where and How You Say It) that Counts

2 09 2011

Have you heard the conversation about how the effect content marketing can have on your social media campaign? If you are a business owner and have engaged your brand in social media marketing, you may want to tune into the newest “best-practices” for content marketing with social media.

Marketing data provider Bizo conducted a survey regarding content marketing within the context of social media. What exactly is content marketing? Engaging in content marketing is freely sharing information in the hopes of converting leads into actual customers and repeat buyers. It’s not marketing in the traditional sense, as in an interruption from a radio or tv ad, but rather the deliverance of requested information that allows you to build a relationship with those who you’re marketing to. It’s only natural that content marketing would go hand-in-hand with social media. The followers and Likes you obtain through your social media outlets are purely voluntary. As a business, you should delight in this fact and also take advantage of it.

Currently, content marketing is a leading strategy with 45 percent of businesses preparing their marketing campaigns for the holidays. Businesses are supporting their content marketing efforts through social media and email, which are focus points for 65 and 46 percent, respectively, of the survey participants. But here’s the thing: there needs to be consistency between social media, pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, and email marketing to obtain the best results. Accurately analyzing social media marketing results is still an issue with a lot of businesses. Most business marketers simply base their success on the number of followers or Likes they have. This isn’t always a solid indication of user engagement or sentiment. The key for best results is in the integration of content marketing, social media, and the other online marketing outlets listed above.

When you engage yourself  in social media, PPC advertising, article marketing, and email campaigns, the quality of your content and the conversations shared is what’s important. It’s not a numbers game—who has the most followers or Likes. In the end, it’s how you reach out to people and the relationships you build with your customers. Social media is a great outlet for doing so but to really build brand awareness, it’s important to engage in other web marketing outlets, as well.




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