On the Go Marketing 101: Mobile Web Design Should be a Given for an Website

9 08 2011

Okay, without delving too deeply into the design side of your website, do you know if it’s mobile marketing-ready? In other words, when you pull it up on your smart phone or tablet, do you have the option to adjust the screen width or does it upload within the screen window? Or, like many websites, does your content run off the page?

Mobile marketing web design is now the norm, not the anomaly, as most target markets continue to increase their use of pads or tablets, and smart phone sales vault 85% as each year passes. Business owners are often too far away from the why’s and how’s of their business website’s functionality to be aware of the mobile marketing effectiveness on a handheld smart device.

There are a few guidelines to follow when you redesign your website for mobile marketing. Take notes and get your web development team on it tout de suite, as every day without mobile marketing functionality for your website is a day of marketing and sales potential lost to the 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (that’s 77 percent of the world population).

Mobile Marketing Tips for Smartphones

Avoid Flash, fixed-element layouts and complicated navigation.

Mobile Marketing Tips for Tablets

Think less-is-more. Clean lines, easy navigation and eye-catching but relevant graphics.

For both of these mobile marketing mediums, keep the user experience at the top of your priority list. Like pc-based web design, keeping the information that site visitors are seeking as easy to find as possible is the main goal. Keeping pages uncluttered and easy to follow will not only increase your conversion potential for any site visitor, it allow for the fastest page loads in the mobile marketing realm.

With more than 428 million smart phones in the first quarter of 2011 combined with the tablet sales  estimated to reach 19.5 million this year, be sure your website is mobile marketing ready so you can get your slice of the mobile marketing pie.




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