Before you Can Sell your Business, You Need to Understand the Difference Between Likeability vs Genuine Response

23 05 2011

Do you have a ton of friends on Facebook and oodles of followers on Twitter, but have had little results in the way of conversions or sales due to your social media efforts? Well, you’re not alone and we’ll tell you WHY.

You may want to rethink the “WHY” behind your Social Media Marketing. If you have been concerned with being the most popular kid in the Social Media world, then you may have been coming at your marketing from a skewed angle. Like any relationship, marketing is about building quality relationships, based on mutual understanding and shared interest. In the case of Social Media, this means businesses that really want to reach out to their target market need to think about what drives their target market and how they turn that drive towards their product or services. That’s not to say that all posts or tweets need to be promotional or sales oriented (in fact, we suggest you keep that kind of content to a small percentage of your marketing), but it does mean that any brand interested in building awareness and potential leads on a Social Media site should be researching WHAT their target market is talking about and HOW it relates to their business.

Think of it this way, you may be a skilled knitter and while in conversation with one of your friends you find out that a mutual friend is having a baby soon and she’s not sure what to get for a baby shower gift. Its simple math: Her Need (baby gift) + Your Skills/Product (Knitting) = a nice baby blanket or hat for the new arrival. You didn’t have to tell her 6 times that you know how to knit – just make her AWARE that you could fill her need.




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