Want Social Media Marketing for your Biz but Don’t have the Time?

21 03 2011

By now most companies feel fairly secure that Social Media Marketing (SMM) is not the fad is was rumored to be and as their competitors dive in head first to the SMM pool, many are left floundering with overburdened staff unable to make the time to post, tweet or engage their target market in the Social Media space.

If the staff has availability, then there’s the issue of the everchaging “rules of engagement” within sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and the best practices to gain the right kind of responses (preferrably conversions) from the right kind of people (your actual target market).

Even companies that are looking to use SMM for brand building have a hard time knowing how often, when and what to post, tweet or discuss.

Welcome to WriteMinded, LLC. While it is your brand you want to build through Social Media Marketing, our focused team has the experience and foresight to know how to use your content to build an engaging, trackable web marketing plan that will drive up your brand awareness and increase your conversions within your target.

Give us a call today at 856-981-0144 to see how we can take all that industry knowledge and experience you and your staff have and fine tune it into an ongoing conversation with your target market about your brand. Remember: Don’t “Join the Conversation, BE the Conversation“.




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