How Does your Company Use Social Media?

28 01 2011

As the budgets for online marketing continue to increase, companies are pouring more time and money into Social Media as an aspect of their marketing plan. Each business owner has a different goal for the SMM aspect of their marketing, what’s yours?

Lead Generation
Profiles on sites liked LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook allows brands to reach out to highly targeted members of those communities. Based on the communication sent, leads can be generated for a sales team to follow up on and increase the existing client base.

  • Key Point: Be very specific with your prospect list, down to the exact companies, locations and titles of site members with which you wish to connect to ensure the highest percentage of success.

Brand Awareness
One obvious intention behind creating multiple profiles and pages within the Social-media sphere is to build the awareness of a brand. New businesses and established companies alike can all benefit from opening their brand to a new client audience. With the interactivity allowed by Social Media, connections within these sites have the ability to get a closer look at the driving points behind the brands they like, enhancing the possibility that a purchase lies n the future.

  • Key Point: Metrics are a crucial aspect to measuring the success of brand building through Social Media. There are both free and paid options – see which ones offer the details your business needs.

Bottom Line Sales
Let’s be honest. Most businesses are in it for the money. Increasing sales and profit margins tends to be a driving factor for any aspect of ant marketing or advertising campaign. Social Media marketing allows for e commerce options through Facebook or Twitter – links to sales and specials, promotions and actual e-commerce pages on a Facebook profile can help sales build as a Social Media network grows.

  • Key Point: Look into having an e-commerce page designed by a professional to boost response rates and when considering promotions, look at the potential for sales and consider higher-cost promotions for enhanced graphics, and powerful metrics to gauge driving factors.

Market Research
Crowdsourced research offers a less expensive and faster turnaround than the more traditional market research services and Social Media monitoring is a large aspect of crowdsourcing. Using SMM as a listening tool to A) better understand your target marker and B) gauge what is driving their responses can help you drive your marketing plan to greater successes.

  • Key Point: For any sized company, market research is an often-overlooked yet vital aspect to any marketing plan. Take advantage of SMM to listen and learn about your target market before investing your budget into any type of marketing.

No matter what you use Social Media for in your marketing plan, the ability to engage your audience on a more personal level is something any brand can benefit from. Employ a skilled SMM marketing company to obtain the best results for your business.




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