Welcome to 2011! Want to Know How to Choose a Web Marketing Company?

1 01 2011

Welcome to a New Year – 365 days of potential and possible profits for your business! Most companies have worked through their last year’s budgets at this point to cut costs for the coming year and more often than not, that means cutting back on marketing.

There is a way that you can market your business effectively while keeping your costs down… by rotating some of your print marketing budget to web marketing. Print marketing continues to increase in costs every year, increasing how much you pay but not improving your reach. While it would not be prudent to put all of your eggs in the web marketing basket either, cutting your print budget back could easily increase the revenue you have available for a web marketing plan, which organically increases your reach every day when you implement Social Media Marketing as part of the package.

What’s a Good Web Marketing Company Made Of?

When you begin your search for a web marketing consultant, consider the following criteria:

  • Do they offer a full-service web marketing package that includes all the services you are interested in implementing for your business?
  • Do they have referrals from previous or existing customers that build their reputation?
  • Are their web marketing programs customizable to your budget and business marketing needs?
  • Do they offer metrics reporting so you can see the benefits of their work every month?

WriteMinded, LLC provides full customizable web marketing services to our clients all over the world. We have skilled writers on staff who will sell your business while speaking to your target market and a successful history of web marketing in multiple industries.

We keep on top of the latest trends and tools available in web and social media marketing as well as online PR to streamline your web marketing plan. We will lay out a fully detailed strategic plan that will detail every step of your business’ web marketing plan and how we will implement it for you. Our monthly metrics report will show you the improvements to your organic site SEO as well as the growth of your network, so you see your reach increasing with every day that passes.

Contact us today to help us build the perfect web marketing plan to kick off 2010 with a BUZZ!




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