>How You can Influence your Social Media Marketing Success

10 11 2010

>Social Media Marketing versus Traditional Marketing. We’ve spoken about it before and why it’s a whole new ball game in the marketing scheme of things. But if you need another reason to dip your toes into the Social Media pool (or just jump right in) read below for some positive reinforcement.
Social Media opens up doors to another perspective that traditional marketing cannot. Often times, Social Media allows the voice of the consumer to be louder than the standard corporate marketing message. There is a lot of value in what your consumers have to offer you. You want to use Social Media to build a brand and a community—something that consumers can actively take part in. However, keep in mind that you do have to be strategic about how you engage in Social Media .
Share and Share Alike
Just as in real life, there are some people you want to be associated with and some you don’t. This, however, does not give you the right to be high and mighty. Standoffishness will not brood well for Social Media success. The conversation is what makes it happen. That being said, it’s a good idea be cautious in the permissions you allow potential contributors to your website, blog, and other Social Media profiles but do give others the opportunity to take part in your community.
Reach Out
Hold promotions or events to create a buzz and help build that community and conversation. It’s all about reaching out to people. You’re marketing to a specific demographic so when consumers from that demographic speak up, be sure to embrace their comments. Ask questions and when your consumers answer, listen. Use their feedback as an opportunity to streamline your products or services.

Listen Up
Don’t just foster open communication between yourself and your consumer. Build relationships and fuel conversation between all of the consumers, peer businesses or contacts participating in your community. The more people sharing and talking about you, the better. This will also give you the opportunity to step back and see what others are sharing about your business with each other and will keep you from talking yourself up too much. And remember not to take yourself too seriously – be human and your consumers will gain a respect for you that is almost impossible to gain through traditional marketing means. Consumers appreciate businesses that open up to them and genuinely care about their needs and desires.
If you give your audience a little window into aspects of your business you’re still trying to work out, you may get some valuable feedback. Use discretion when doing so—this is imperative as it can have either very positive or very negative outcomes. Above all else, remember to keep in touch. You’re building relationships with people so it’s important to put effort into them if you want to see growth. When you give, you will certainly get.




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