>Top 3 Facebook Apps for Business

14 09 2010

>With more and more businesses using Facebook to market their brand, how do you make yourself stand apart from everyone else? Facebook has loads of apps available to businesses for free but which ones are the best to implement? Read on to see the top three Facebook apps for businesses.

1. Static FBML – This app is a little more in depth in its skill requirements than other apps but well worth the effort to use. It uses FBML (Facebook Markup Language), or HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) for those who aren’t proficient in FBML, to completely customize the look of your fan page. You can add tabs to your main page, and edit information within that tab, to create the exact layout you want. Below is an example of Starbucks’ fan page that has been customized with Static FBML. Below: a sample of a Starbcks FBML page.

2. Simplaris Blogcast – This application allows you to integrate your blog into your Facebook profile. If you have more fans on Facebook than readers of your blog, this will allow your blog to gain exposure and, ultimately, build your network of connections. In short, the application allows you to post the title of your blog and link to it in your feed.

3. SmartMessage Center – Why Facebook hasn’t made this a standard utility, I’m not sure. This app is beneficial to business owners and non-business owners alike. It allows you to send messages to groups and individuals but has the added bonus of giving you responses in one single result. You can also share your findings, as well. It’s great for gathering information for market research and you can even export the results as a PDF, RSS, or XLS file.

The great thing about Facebook, and social media in general, is that it’s always growing, always expanding. There are great tools currently out there for use by small businesses but take comfort in the fact that there are always updates, improvements, and new app implementations to look apply when using social media to grow your brand.




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