>5 Ways to Use Twitter

12 08 2010


Do you tweet? If not – does SOMEONE in your office hit twitter to share news and tips with followers? If not, you should. With a projected 26 Million users by the end of 2010 (15.5 % of adult internet users), chances are, your target market is joining the twitter age.

Twitter has currently reached over 20 billion tweets and the company stated earlier this year that they’re seeing more than 50 million tweets per day. This is a clear indication that activity levels on the site are continuously rising.

Below are five ways you can use Twitter to your business’s advantage:

1. Use Twitter Search- Using Twitter’s search option allows you to listen for your name, the names of your competitor’s, and words that relate to your industry. In order to grow, you need to be open to listening. Find out about the interests, needs, and desires of your target market. Talk to them about it. Showing potential clients you’re human can turn them into actual clients.
2. Ask Questions- Twitter is a great resource for market research. Talk about your business, your product, and/or your service in a useful way. Give advice, post bit.ly links to blog entries, and promote yourself by promoting others. All of these things are great for getting opinions and constructive criticism.
3. Conduct Market Research- This sort of goes hand-in-hand with the above. Twitter gives your critics a forum but you can use this to your advantage. Use their critiques as a way of studying what your market is looking for. Turn a negative into a positive by using your findings to direct people’s attention to the good things you’re doing or where you’re making improvements.
4. Build Community- Commenting on others’ tweets and retweeting what others have posted is a really great way to build a community. Like the first point, it shows you’re human and that you care about the needs of your clients. Try to participate in commenting and retweeting where it makes sense though. Just like any other content you post, it should serve a clear purpose.
5. Develop Your Business- Stay tuned in to new trends and improvements in your industry. Twitter is a great means to developing your business by listening to the desires of your target market. Using the four previous points allows you to do this, as well.

No time to research Twitter let alone send out multiple tweets, retweets and direct messages a day? Give us a shout – we can help.




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