>Are You Still Asking “Why Should My Company Use Social Media Marketing?”

26 07 2010


Still skeptical about using avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to propel your business? Some business owners are still under the impression that social media is a fad that’s going to cease to exist; that sites like Facebook and Twitter are for kids looking to grow their list of friends, sort of like a popularity contest.

Others think it’s just a plain old waste of time. But think of it this way: Social media is an extension to what folks have always been doing—connecting, learning, expressing, sharing, and interacting with others. Technology may have advanced and maybe the medium isn’t the same as what you’re used to, but our need and desire to connect with others on a personal level is still the same.

If it doesn’t excite you to know that you can connect and build a relationship with someone halfway across the world from you, with the click of a mouse, I don’t know what will! As quoted by ReadWriteWeb, “Social media is bringing back humanity to all digital life. We are no longer users, consumers, shoppers. We are people again.”

Social Media site users are not anonymous and they’re not faceless names or Internet drones. They’re people with opinions and wants and needs and now, they’re your potential client.

So why use social media and a social media marketing consultant like WriteMinded, LLC? Marketing your business and how you do it is vital to your success. Social media tools and outlets are continuously changing and, if you’re working with clients to make sales or provide services, you’ll be hard pressed for time to keep up with the latest trends and implement them into your marketing campaign.

With small and mid-sized business owners investing more in web marketing than ever before – the time is now to get in board to compete effectively in this market!

Using the full-service web marketing management of WriteMinded, LLC means your consultant is well versed in online marketing and up-to-date with current trends and will give you the ability to leverage the web to market your business successfully. Your plan is completely customized to your goals, target audience, and budget.

The staff at WriteMinded is always researching new and existing social media marketing sites and tools and assessing their success to see how, and if, they will work for your business. And what would be the point of going through all of this trouble if we weren’t sure it was working for you and your business?

WriteMinded provides each of our web marketing clients the analytics and other metrics monitoring tools to evaluate the performance of their marketing plan, assess where and how to tweak where necessary, and gauge the all-important return on investment, ROI.

WriteMinded, LLC provides the targeted web marketing plan you need to open the doors to new prospects so you can focus on selling for your business, not re-introducing it. Contact us today!




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