>Recent Increases in Small Business Web Marketing Spending

23 07 2010


Direct News came out with a report the other day stating that small businesses, in both the U.S. and the UK, have upped their spending on online marketing for the second quarter of 2010. WebVisible, an online company that offers advertising software to small business owners, have numbers for online marketing they’d like you to consider.

  • U.S. spending went up by a whopping 159% compared to this same time period last year.
  • Cost-per-click through search engines like Google and Bing went up 5.4% and 3.7%, respectively.
  • Over in the UK, 6 in 10 firms are planning to spend more on SEO over the course of the next year and 52% of small businesses will be investing in paid search.

With every report that is released by the innumerable media news sites, it is obvious that the numbers in spending and usage have been increasing—always confirming how important business web marketing is today.

Despite the obcvious increase in usage of these marketing tools, there are still some serious misconceptions of the realistic expectations that should be applied to an online marketing campaign. To recap some previous points from one of our blogs, AAA for business web marketing, as a refresher when thinking about the criteria that will make up your potential web marketing plan:

1. Acknowledge- Stay ahead of the game, or at the very least keep up, with current online marketing trends, software/tools, ideas, theories, and practices.
2. Adjust- Be flexible and tweak your marketing plan to fit your (or your clients’) needs. It’s good to go in with a strong marketing plan but know that you will need to adjust it from time to time to effectively serve your goals.
3. Adapt- This point is kind of a combination of the first two but still equally important to keep in mind. Your marketing plan has to fulfill your specified marketing goals, therefore, it isimperative to understand your (or your client’s) target market and apply the most current marketing tools and sites to meet that market as they become available.

Just like old school advertising, you need to put some serious thought into your online marketing campaign—you need to have a clear strategy, measurable goals and a plan aof action in case there is need to make changes once the plan is underway.

Utilizing a skilled web marketing consultant will save you time in the build and execution of your web marketing plan and allow that consultant to pinpoint what’s working with your current marketing plan and what’s not.

Through proper management, a web marketing service provider will use the most current tools to assess your existing plan and custom-build a strategy that will make your marketing campaign work for you and your business, with your ROI in mind.




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