>Social Media Trends to Watch

21 07 2010


With advancements in social media every week, there are five social media trends to keep an eye on:

1. Profile Location Options- Your location on the web, by means of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, is important but, when it comes to social media marketing, so is your literal location. Social media sites are now allowing you the option to show your location. For example, Twitter now allows your location to be posted with tweets and Google Latitude allows you update your location, as well.
2. Group Buying– Sites like Groupon and Living Social allow users to band together to obtain deals and discounts within specific cities. The main component with these sites is location and it allows your company to reach new customers by offering the opportunity for a discount.
3. Mobile Ads– Google has recently acquired AdMob and Apple has an advertising platform called iAd. Both programs allow businesses to improve their mobile ad delivery and allow consumers to purchase products or services from you. Mobile ads are a new outlet for reaching customers in addition to your website, blog, or Twitter profile.
4. Mobile Payments– Among the most recent advances in mobile payments, Paypal has come up with Mobile Express for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry, Square has a dongle that attaches to the iPhone for instant credit card processing, and Visa is also making headway into the world of contactless payments. This is a great option to use in conjunction with mobile ads.
5. Corporate Social Media Policy– This is a little less technical than the above four but is equally important. Your policy doesn’t have to be a large document, however, there should be guidelines in place for social media use for a corporation and/or business.

• You need to specify a clear idea of your company’s message and how to communicate it effectively.

• In your policy, you should list the following: guidelines about branding standards (logos you use for your business should be carried over to your social media accounts),

• If there are terms you want associated with your brand, you should have a mention of that and, likewise, if there are terms you don’t want your brand associated with, they should be made clear, and you should also set expectations for professional behavior.

Always remember – Social Media is a part of your overall web marketing plan, and as such, needs to be given the proper consideration and terms to obtain the best results.

When you’re rady to implement a SMM plan into your web marketing, contact us for a free web marketing evaluation. We’ll build the web marketing plan that will get the BUZZ going about your business while utilizing the most effective tools in SMM.




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