>Social Media Spending on the Rise

25 06 2010

>Fresh Networks came out with a report highlighting the growth of social media spending. A few statistics on where social media marketing is expected to go, as noted by leaders such as Outsell and Forrester Research:

• Business marketing on social networks is expected to grow a little more than 43% in 2010.
• Businesses will spend an estimated $4.8 billion on social media marketing by 2014—an increase of $2.3 billion from the spending recorded in 2009.
• It is expected that, going forward, companies budgeting for social media marketing will allocate a substantial amount towards building their online profile.

If you have been mulling over the idea of promoting your business online, now, more than ever, is the time to find the right service to do so. Internet marketing through social media has exploded over the past few years. It is a viable way to increase revenue and prominence as an expert within your industry.

Using WriteMinded, LLC as your web marketing provider can allow you to build your online brand and not only reach, but also increase, your target market. By using social media outlets, you get customized social media marketing solutions and the ability to see and track the results from your efforts. WriteMinded doesn’t subscribe to just one type of social media outlet, realizing that what may work for one business may not work for another. A number of outlets are used, their effectiveness tracked, and, depending on what works best for your business, your online marketer invests your company’s time and energy into the strongest outlet. Any sized company can afford to begin a web marketing plan with WriteMinded, LLC. Your web marketing is built around what you and your company needs and is totally customized by the results you are looking to attain.




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