>Cost Effectiveness of Web Marketing

25 06 2010

>Previously, I brought up the term Broadcast Marketing—traditional marketing that is usually used in print ads and telemarketing.. Not only has the general public begun to tune out this type of marketing, it can be costly and tracking the effectiveness needs to be done manually, thru response questionnaires for example.

Enhancing your current marketing plan to include internet marketing and social media is both cost effective and will help your business be more “green”.

Take into consideration how much it costs to advertise in a newspaper or magazine, print postcards and brochures, and send out letters and/or sales pitches. Now consider how often you need to do these things to successfully promote your business. You can’t just do it once a year and expect to generate a steady influx of new clientele. Marketing needs to be consistent in tone and timing to promote your business.

The staff at WriteMinded, LLC is well versed in all areas of online marketing, SEO, PPC and SMM. We can customize a web marketing plan to promote your business, within your budget and with real results in mind.

Print marketing can costs tens of thousands of dollars a year for advertising plans, and the targeting can only be based on current subscribers, without the ability to seek out other potential contacts with those ads.

For a fraction of the costs of a yearly print contract with a local publication, we’ll build a custom web marketing plan to build your online brand, and enhance your web visibility to bring you the leads you can use to build your business. From web redesigns to PPC or copywriting, SEO and SMM along with email marketing, we offer complete services for any of your marketing needs.

Take your marketing to the green level, by reducing your overall costs and your carbon footprint, while increasing your targeting capability with online marketing tools.




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