>What Do the Four “Must- Do’s” of Social Media Marketing Mean to your Business?

18 05 2010

>At this point, all business owners should be aware of the exponential potential that social media has for a business marketing. With today’s “Go Green” revolution, not to mention we’re a part of the web era, it is an essential set of tools to reach your customer base.

They say that your greatest marketing tool is word-of-mouth, right? Well, think of it this way: using avenues like Facebook and Twitter are like word-of-mouth to the nth degree, hence the term “viral marketing”. Those you come in contact with not just statewide but globally expand your company’s reach. Your service or product becomes more accessible and you broaden your geographic areas for business. Take special care though because, if not done right, social media marketing can actually hurt your credibility. Four “Must Do’s”, as highlighted in an article on Bankrate.com, suggest that you create a strategy, build relationships, deliver valuable content, and be consistent and have a strong sense of urgency. What does this mean to you?

Strategy– As with all marketing tools, it is essential to have a plan of action and know what you want to accomplish. Your strategy should be no different for business social media marketing. Know your target audience and formulate ways to connect with them. Which brings us to…

Relationships– Everyone knows that a good business thrives on repeat customers. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling. Having a great relationship with your customers and finding a way to reach out to them personally strengthens not only your personal drive to serve your customer but the respectability of both you and your business. Also, building relationships through social media outlets gives your customer a place to voice their concerns, questions, and praise to you.

Content– Writers always say it: “Content is king.” They say it because it’s true. Your content should be direct, relevant, and timely. You should always post, or send, information that promotes and strengthens your brand. Be sure to hold your information on your social media marketing sites to the same professional standard that you do for your business website.

Consistency– It is imperative to be consistent with your marketing once you decide to take the social media route. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to post information every day. If you post mediocre content, it won’t do much to build your brand. Be sure to work content and consistency together—if you post information about your product or service once a week for an extended period of time, your customers will expect you to continue that trend. Once there’s an unexpected break in communication, it’s all too easy for consumers to forget to check in and see what’s new with your business. Out of virtual site, after all, is “out of mind”, which means you’re not on their list of vendors when they have a need for your services.

Online marketing through social media outlets is not as elusive as it seems. With a clear and strong action plan for marketing your business (which you should already have), it’s just a simple matter of applying it with a precise social media strategy.




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