>Blogging Helps SEO Efforts – Big Surprise!

26 01 2010

>Loved the title of this post by Brick Marketing – so many times, I have conversations with clients that include the question” What am I going to get out of my blog”. Well, simply put (and the following link will expound on these points):

  1. If you blog is rss’d to your web page, you’ll get FRESH and CHANGING content to your website whenever you post. Fresh content ranks higher than stale content, thanks to search engine algorithms. (perhaps you’ve noted that when you change your web content, your site jumps in rank… well, what if you did that three times a week?)
  2. The hyperlinks located in your offsite blog page that is rss fed to your website to provide fresh content to your site with every post will link back to your website or other online profiles, creating ping backs and enhancing organic SEO.
  3. Your hyperlinked keywords that are linked to your website and creating pingbacks and enhancing your organic SEO will be searchable by your target market, increasing your exposure.
  4. A regularly written blog will rank well, (see #1) increasing your exposure.

It may sound redundant, but each of these points is a VITAL aspect of a business blog. Want more criteria?

Blogging Helps SEO Efforts – Big Surprise!

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