>AAA for Great Marketing!

23 11 2009

>This is an oldie but goodie – with a few added notes.

This one will be short and sweet…I’ve learned that there are three key elements that apply to every SUCCESSFUL business’ web marketing plan.

A little background: AAA is a company that supplies insurance and benefits to drivers and travelers all over the United States. It’s a “security blanket” of sort for drivers to have BEFORE things go wrong. The same concept of protection can be applied to business web marketing.

Remember AAA:

1. Acknowledge: Stay ahead (or at least keep up with) current trends, tools, ideas, theories and practices. This is especially applicable for web marketing!

*** One of those “added notes” – Keep regular tabs on what’s going on with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their application options. Keeping your clients accounts updated on each of these sites with relevant applications will improve their marketability.

2. Adjust: To your clients’ wants or needs. The old adage “The customer is ALWAYS right” still rings (mostly) true. No matter what your initial plan was for a marketing plan, there will be times (more often than you may think) that you will have to Adjust your point of view to that of your customer.

This applies in all cases unless there is a suggestion for Black Hat Marketing plans (see my rant about THAT particular topic here) and then:

3. Adapt: Your business web marketing plan has to fit the needs of your client while applying the most current trends available. This means that you need to understand your client’s target market almost as much as you need to understand their specific marketing goals. Changing direction to decide how to best reach your client’s target market is almost always necessary.

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