>A Dose of My Own Medicine

12 11 2009

>Sigh. Yes, I begin with a sigh.

I am feeling very distraught over the fact that my brother, a tech geek extraordinaire, keeps up on his blog more often than I do. It’s a sad reality that a guy who admittedly hates to write can drag up a few paragraphs every few days, when I, who own a web marketing company and preach to my clients on a regular basis the necessities of consistency in web marketing (and blogging) for best results, fall short.

However, as is my nature, I see the lesson in it for both myself, my clients and any business owner that puts marketing their business on the back burner. Ready for the lesson? Here it is.


I don’t mean to be abrupt, but it’s really that simple. No business can grow without regular marketing.

By promoting your brand on a Facebook Fan Page, networking on LinkedIn, posting regularly to your Blog and updating your status on all of your profiles, including back links to your site of course, you keep your business at the front of your target market’s minds. Your brand visibility will improve and your SEO will benefit to boot.

It’s easy to say that those in marketing have no time to market themselves – think of the old adages about the unpainted painters’ house and the plumber’s tub that won’t drain, and you’ll realize that I’m not alone in my denial of my own marketing needs. But it’s wrong, plain and simple, and what’s worse, it’s a poor advertisement potential clients that want a reputable web marketing company.

Therefore, I vow to maintain my own web marketing, every week, so I can lead my current clients by example and bring new ones on with the assurance that I will handle their accounts as voraciously and effectively as mine own.

Maybe this is why Mom always liked him better……




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