>Why Company’s Outsource their Social Media Marketing

6 11 2009

>It’s really not a matter of inability or total mis-comprehension on the part of a lot of companies’ that leads them to consider outsourcing their Social Media Marketing. It ‘s more a matter of time management and getting the most fvalue or their marketing dollar that drives them to contact a professional service supplier for their web marketing plan.

I was in a meeting with two prospective clients today and both seemed to have a handle on the Why’s and some of the How of Social Media Marketing – which made my job in the meeting a lot easier. However, after hearing their perspectives on how they envisioned using social media tools for their individual marketing goals, I found that they were stretched to the limit working their businesses and the tasks involved in my proposed social media plans simply were out of their scope of time.

I think this is a truth for many businesses these days. As we all tighten our belts, cutting ineffective marketing time from our TO DO lists seems an easy choice. However, as any business owner knows, a business simply cannot thrive without marketing. The decision then, for small and mid-sized businesses whose staff is stretched to the absolutes with current workloads, becomes this:

1. Drop Social Media Marketing from the list of tools to build business OR

2. Outsource their social media work to a reputable company that can take the bulk of the work of their plate. (I say the “bulk of the work” because even with a service provider handling social media maintenance for a business, the business owner or staff needs to be involved with the relationships built on those platforms to turn contacts into conversions.)

WriteMinded, LLC has built a reputation for providing customized and effective web marketing plans for our growing list of clients. When it’s time for you to focus on your bottom line and you find yourself dropping your web marketing from your workload, give us a call and we’ll pick up the ball for you to build the BUZZ about your company through the latest and most effective vehicles on the web.




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