>Social Media – No Quick Fix

14 09 2009

>I’m compelled by necessity to note this for anyone interested in pursuing a Social Media Marketing Plan for their business, however, let me predate my little rant with a few key points:

1. It is easy to understand the misinterpretation of social media’s marketing capability thanks to all the BUZZ that goes on about it. It seems like the greatest thing since the wheel, but remember, a wheel doesn’t turn without help.
2. The current economic climate has a lot of companies looking for a new way to promote their business, and that road often leads to social media.
3. This same economic climate has these same companies working under strained budgets and shortened timelines for results.

Having made these notes, I will get to my point. Social media, like any other marketing tool, takes time to build the BUZZ about your business. It is not direct sales. It is not telemarketing. And if you intend to stay on the legal side of the SPAM Act, it is a building process.

This isn’t to say that social media isn’t a highly-targeted and powerful tool that businesses should add to their marketing arsenol, but despite the fact that Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages are being promoted as text within TV commercials, the premise is the same with this marketing vehicle as any other.

Some basic marketing tips applied to Social Media:

1. You must show the WHY of your business to build BUZZ, let your target market know what makes your company’s services and products DIFFERENT from your competition. Twitter is a good vehicle for this message.
2. Start conversations with key executives that can build your business – use LinkedIn for this aspect of your marketing plan.
3. Promote your business to consumers who can start word of mouth advertising about your services and company. Got a Facebook Fan Page?

There are tons of other niche social media sites that exist to promote your business, and new ones crop up every day. However, there needs to be a dumming down of the expectations of this type of marketing plan. The theories presented by a lot of the “Social Media” gurus is that this is a FAST way to get signups, sales and business, if not the Only Way.

The reality is that Social Media Marketing needs to be part of all business marketing plans, but there is no easy way to build business, especially in the current economy.

Regular maintenance and attention, along with revised focus for new ventures and opportunities are all vital for social media success. WriteMinded, LLC offers all these services and more to our clients, succssfully building their social networks to provide new vehicles through which they can successfully promote their businesses.

Keep your social media “social” with quality interaction and information, and it will pay off, in time.




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