>How to SEO the Right Way, the First Time Around

18 06 2009

>Working in web marketing, SEO is a regular topic of conversation between myself and my clients. Most business owners I have met have either vague or misplaced ideas about search engine optimization, its purpose and its effectiveness for business. To make sure I have as much information on hand at all times to present to any client who is curious about SEO, I have automated google searches set up hunting down the latest and greatest bits of information that exists on the web about it.

Gotta love those searches because today I had a fabulous article pop into my inbox. It’s a blog by a company named MetaSpring and the blog title is “a piece of our mind” (catchy). Today’s blog is titled “SEO Success: Asking Your Client the Right Questions.”


SEO, like any other type of web marketing effort, needs to be personalized to the specific client, product and market to be effective. For example, the article states: “Therefore, it’s important to define your objectives and continually refocus them as the campaign progresses.” Like I’ve said many times, this point reasserts that web marketing is a living, breathing media and needs regular TLC to keep it growing nicely.

The article also makes a point to state that the keywords used in your SEO campaign MUST BE SPECIFIC to your site or product. In other words, to have more targeted traffic come to your site, use the keyword example of “amish solid wood furniture” in lieu of any of the the google adwords synonyms or phrases related to “furniture.” Despite a reputation as a quantity game, SEO is really about QUALITY traffic. The old addage applies “Bigger (traffic numbers) Does Not Always Mean Better (results).

The article goes on to say, correctly I might add, that in order to attract serious and targeted potential customers or clients to your site, you need to use this customized approach to keywords. More site traffic does not mean more business and “window shoppers” are not the purpose of an SEO campaign (or any other marketing effort, I might add..).

Wanna learn how you can turn your SEO campaign into a Customized SEO Campaign? Read the entire article here.

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