>Frustrated with Facebook Marketing?

1 06 2009

>An interesting article found its way into my inbox today and I just had to chat a bit about it. The discussion covers the increasing irritation that social media users on Facebook are apparently experiencing when being asked to become fans of business pages on the site.

Matt Rhodes of the FreshNetworks Blog gets his stats from an IAB report. Although I do agree with Rhodes that Facebook is primarily a personal site, I don’t agree that it is “difficult” to use for marketing purposes.

Just about every one of my social media clients has one or multiple Fan pages attached to their personal Facebook profiles. I’ve found them to be powerful tools to use for marketing, especially when marketing to a niche group.

Now, Rhodes does concede that most of the people who were unhappy about the business side of Facebook were being targeted by marketing that “wasn’t relevant to them” or simply had too many requests at once. Well, duh.

In marketing, there is always a fine line to walk between a successful campaign and becoming that over-caffeinated, 4AM infomercial that says everything with an exclamation point. Or, worse yet, that telemarketer that keeps calling your house at supper time even after you’ve poiltely, or not so politely, told them to beat it.

Like any other media vehicle, social networks provide a new avenue on which to find new contacts and customers. You can successfully increase awareness about your product or service, and eventually, increase your business. The same rules apply to this marketing plan as all others – KISS, and Know Your Market.

‘Nuff said.

Wanna read the article? Check out this link:http://blog.freshnetworks.com/2009/04/people-are-fed-up-of-joining-brand-pages-on-facebook/

Have a comment? I’m curious to see how people are viewing the current social media craze, if they think it’s overload or if it works.

Let me know how you feel about social media and marketing.

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