>The Old, The New and Social Media

12 05 2009

>Came across a great article about Twitter today via Adage.com. The discussion takes up the comparison of the recent trend of Social Media being applied to corporate marketing strategies and the ability to actually succeed in the application.


As a social media marketer, I have had to let go a lot of the traditional marketing practices I used when creating print marketing materials. Twitter in particular makes it challenging to maintain a consistent brand view based on traditional methods, in 140 characters or less. Yes kids, 140 CHARACTERS, not WORDS. This media vehicle lies at the heart of a difficult transition for many tradtionally trained marketers, from print marketing concepts to web marketing applications.

No longer does the old verbiage and round table marketing meetings apply. Web marketing has to appeal to an audience that is less patient, more fickle and easier to distract that print. You have to get to the heart of the point almost immediately, meaning your slogan AND your HOOK are one and the same in many cases.

Personally, I love the challenge of it. Some of the old-school types find this type of marketing to be childish and flamboyant. They’re right. Twitter makes it impossible to add another word, or even another space, for that matter, to get your phrasing “just so.” You have to be succinct and Have a Point To Make and make quickly. It’s not always the prettiest of ad lines, but when you can “direct message” any of your followers with the information with a click of your mouse, it is an invaluable tool in the right hands.

The article also suggests not putting all your eggs in on social media basket and I agree with this practical view on the tools. Like any marketing plan, you need to diversify between all the options that exist to get the word out to as many of your target market as possible. But like all web-related tools. social media is ALWAYS changing, adding on, dropping off, and evolving with the technology that exists today. This presents another difficulty faced by tradtional marketers, who knew their vendors, publications and media vehicles by heart.

A good social media specialist will keep up on all of the current tools, their application and ROI and will understand how best to apply them to each of their client’s web marketing. There is no cookie-cutter web marketing plan for all businesses, but with a little attention on available media tools and a focus on the needs, audience and goals of each specific business, social media can be a powerful and inexpensive way to increase your web conversion rates, boost your brand awareness and build your bottom line.

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