4 03 2009


Writeminded Launches Copywriting and Marketing Service

NewswireToday – /newswire/ – Clayton, NJ, United States, 03/02/2009 – WriteMindedllc.com launched today offering copywriting, web and email marketing services to time-challenged clients. The site allows prospective companies to view writing samples and the writing style of Tracie Close, WriteMinded’s founder.

With a specialization in keyword-rich, actionable web copy, WriteMinded will provide the content your site or marketing plan need to successfully compete in the virtual marketplace. Using gained knowledge of organic SEO practices coupled with an understanding of social-networking and other web marketing tools, WriteMinded has the background and experience to produce solid results.

If you are looking to update your site content or implement a web-marketing program, WriteMinded is at your service. Web work requires an understanding of how search engines hunt for sites and how prospective customers search for products and services. It’s necessary that web copywriters and editors stay abreast of the ever-changing best practices for web marketing including organic SEO, keyword writing and social-networking.

There is no magic plan to successfully market a business, but a good copywriter will start a marketing plan in the right direction with creative and actionable content that is specific to a business and its goals. Quality copy will help businesses achieve the return on investment, ROI, they expect from their marketing plan.

About WriteMinded, LLC Founder, Tracie Close

WriteMinded (writemindedllc.com) was founded by Tracie Close, in January of 2009. Prior to WriteMinded, Tracie had worked in Web Marketing in both a corporate and consultant capacity. Tracie has a passion for the challenge presented by web marketing, increasing search engine ranking and providing the right words to increase ROI.




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