>Search Engines are Fickle Mistresses – Reasoning Organic SEO Plans

3 03 2009


In my experience with clients and their websites, I have found that, generally speaking of course, two distinctive classes of thinking prevail. Those that wonder “Why exactly do I need a website when I have such a great print-marketing plan” , we’ll call them Group A , and those that conclude “Yes I need a website, but do I really have to maintain it”, a/k/a Group B.

Now, being a web copywriter, I find it much simpler to deal with Group B, because half of my work is done. I don’t need to explain the importance of web content or the need of a website to compete in today’s marketplace. However, Group B’s tend to look at a website the same way they do their print marketing plans. Create it, pay for it, then let it “do its thing”.

The critical difference between web marketing and print is the base fact that the Internet is a living, changing medium with rules that alternate depending on the whims of the Search Engine Gods. While this makes for an interesting challenge to web copywriters and search engine optimization specialists who need to sniff out the right path to the top of the rankings, it is also the main reason that organic SEO practices exist.

Great copy is a bottom-line necessity of a successful website, but alone, it’s like having a great tagline for your advertisement with no graphics or peripherals to draw your readers eye. Search engines are fickle mistresses and need a lot of special attention to turn their eyes to your site.

Using organic search engine optimization tactics like incorporating social-networking or backlinking to your site can increase your ROI exponentially. Although it can take anywhere from 30 – 90 days to see real response rates from organic SEO, it can be a faster gauge than that paid-up-front, one year ad contract with a local publication that may or may not show ROI within its lifetime.

If your site is need of some organic TLC, visit WriteMinded, LLC and find out what options exist to increase your traffic and page views.

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